Kevin Votta

Fitness-Tek Owner & Only Master Level Muscle Activation Techniques Practitioner in Tampa

Kevin has been a personal trainer for over 15 years and started his own company in 2007, Better Body Fitness. Kevin, became a MAT™ Specialist in 2009. Then in 2012, acquired Fitness-Tek. Kevin has been a Master Level MAT™ Specialist since 2015. Kevin and the Fitness-Tek Team have grown the business to serve clients from all around Tampa Bay and beyond; some clients drive over two hours to be treated at Fitness-Tek. He attributes this to the great Fitness-Tek Team, striving for excellent customer service, and always wanting to learn more. MAT SPECIALIST PROGRAM 10 Month program with 8 3-day intensive weekends MAT JUMPSTART PROGRAM Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Trunk and Spine MASTER LEVEL SPECIALIST Master Level – Trunk and Spine, Hand, Cervical Spine, Foot, Lower Body, Shoulder PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION NASM ISSA RESISTANCE TRAINING SPECIALIST® COURSE RTS123 Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Trunk and Spine RTS Mastery Science 1 Musculoskeletal Mechanics 2019 MAT RX PROGRAM HAND AND FOOT In progress!


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